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Pretty Flowers Galore

marguerite white standard cropped

As the season marches on, more stock appears in our garden centre to delight you and brighten up your garden. Take a look at our latest offerings...


Calceolaria is also known by several other names, e.g. Slipper Flowers, Pouch Flowers, and Pocketbook Plants. Biennials, they form compact, mound-shapes between 6" and 15" tall. The leaves are deeply textured with scalloped edges but they tend to disappear under the profusion of flowers once it's in bloom.

geranium zonal 3

Who can resist a Geranium? Coming in many varieties with interesting leaves and fairly large, bright flowers, there's a lot to recommend these flowering plants.

japanese azaleas

Smothered in blooms, Japanese Azaleas make a bright splash in a pot, container, or special place in the garden. Once the flowers are finally finished, the small, glossy, dark green leaves can be appreciated.

marguerite white standard

Whether you want it for a pot, container, or border display, Marguerites, or Daisies, are beautiful shrubs with gorgeous flowers that just shout 'Summer'! Originating in Macronesia, which includes the Canary Islands, Marguerites generally like a position in full sun and prefer well-drained, poor to moderately fertile soil. Some sub-species prefer partial shade, however, and a moist soil, so if in doubt ask in store for further information on the conditions these Marguerites will thrive best in.