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New Guinea Impatiens, Dahliettas, Hydrangea Music Collection, Million Bells, & Pretty Ground Cover

IMG 1918 looking down the row

Take a look at some of our June plant stock, and when you're finished reading about them and admiring the photos, why not pop down to see them for yourself in the garden centre?

 IMG 1882

New Guinea Impatiens

With much larger flowers than other varieties, New Guinea Impatiens are prized for the vibrancy and colour of their blooms. Just look at those gorgeous leaves as well - lush and green.

IMG 1884 planted up planter

IMG 1883 planter harvest square

Harvest Planter all Potted Up and Ready to Go!

IMG 1912 surfina


A pretty member of the Petunia family, Surfina has a trailing habit and looks great spilling out of pots, containers, and hanging baskets.

IMG 1886 bonsai rhododendron

Bonsai Rhododendron

Rhododendrons are popular shrubs and this bonsai version is bound to find a spot in your garden. At Parkhill Garden Centre we like to find and share slightly more unusual plants and we think this hits the spot.

IMG 1902 dahlietta hybrids white

Dahlietta Hybrids

Available in a variety of colours, these hybrids are heavy-flowering. Some blooms are double, some semi-double and some have a collarette form to them. They're neat and compact and will provide a real splash of colour. Below are some further examples of the Dahlietta Hybrids we have in stock.

IMG 1901 dahlietta hybrids purple and pink

IMG 1899 dahlietta hybrids yellow and pink

IMG 1898 dahlietta hybrids yellow

IMG 1892 dahlietta hybrids pink and white

IMG 1891 dahlietta hybrids red

IMG 1889 dahlietta hybrids mottled

They're really quite something, aren't they?!

IMG 1903 hydrangea red reggae

Hydrangea Macrophylla - Music Collection - Red Reggae

If you love Hydrangea and are looking for something unusual in colour, try Red Reggae, or Pink Pop below.

IMG 1905 hydrangea music collection pink

Hydrangea Macrophylla - Music Collection - Pink Pop

IMG 1907 million bells hanging basket

Million Bells in Various Colours and Coloured Hanging Baskets

IMG 1911 million bells hanging basket 3 fuzzy pic

IMG 1910 million bells hanging basket 2

IMG 1915 ground cover ajuga burgundy glow

Ajuga Burgundy Glow

An attractive variety of Bugle, these make excellent additions to multiple spots in the garden - whether for ground cover, a spot in the rockery, or in a planter.

IMG 1915 ground cover anacylus depressus

Anacylus Depressus

With pretty little daisy like flowers and a fern-like foliage, this ground cover plant is a tough plant that looks lovely particular as an edging plant.

IMG 1916 ground cover aubretia blue cascade

Aubrieta Blue Cascade

A very popular perennial, this variety has a strong blue colour with a pretty yellow centre.

IMG 1916 ground cover aubretia purple cascade

Aubretia Purple Cascade

With its pretty purple flowers, this Aubretia is another good one for ground cover and to keep containers going a bit longer.

IMG 1917 ground cover campanula white clips

Campanula Carpatica White Clips

With dense foliage and pretty white flowers.

IMG 1917 ground cover campanula blue clips

Campanula Blue Clips

IMG 1918 looking down the row

A Look Down One of the Rows

Phlox, Helianthemum, Pyracantha, Clematis, and a whole host of other plants. We look forward to seeing you in the Garden Centre.