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More Summer Bedding has Arrived

IMG 1773 evergreen kalmia cropped

The garden centre is a riot of colour with all the new Summer bedding plants that have come in. Feast your eyes on this selection and check out our Facebook page, too, as we post photos of new stock there too. Don't forget to protect your bedding plants from frost until the end of May as we commonly experience late frosts in the North East of Scotland.

IMG 1767 summer bedding cropped

These pretty little yellow flowers are Marigold Lemon Zest.

IMG 1766 summer bedding

Marigolds - French Bolero

IMG 1769 summer bedding

Geranium Bullseye Mixed brings an interesting foliage to your Summer bedding mix

IMG 1768 summer bedding

Use Mixed Geraniums to bring a mix of colours to your planters, pots, containers and beds

IMG 1770 non stop begonias

Non-stop Begonias - a treat with the variety of colours and that lush foliage

IMG 1772 evergreen kalmia

Here's a beautiful evergreen - Kalmia Polifolia

IMG 1773 evergreen kalmia

This photo clearly shows the glossy photos and profusion of flowers Kalmia Polifolia delivers. The flowers are large terminal clusters of a bright rose-purple opening in April. It prefers an open position and partial sun. Ideally for a plant growing in Scotland, it loves moist conditions.

IMG 1776 adenanthos sericeus woolly bush

This intriguing plant is known as 'Woolly Bush'! Its official name being Adenanthos Sericeus. Native to the South coast of Western Australia, it has bright red but small, inobtrusive, flowers that appear alone or in small groups hidden in the foliage, and very soft, deeply divided hairy leaves. Mostly upright and spreading in habit.

IMG 1777 fuschia hanging basket

Fuschias have a place in every Summer garden. This lovely standard fuschia brings that stunning combination of colour and tumbling foliage and flowers that are so lovely to look at in a hanging basket.

Producing pendant flowers throughout the Summer, Fuschias perform best in fertile, moist, well-drained soil with protection from cold, drying winds.

IMG 1779 osteospermum mix

Mixed Osteospermum make a fantastic centrepiece for any display you're putting together in a pot, planter, or container. With their profusion of flowers throughout the season and their beautiful dark green foliage, Osteospermum just keep giving and giving.

IMG 1786 summer bedding

Mixed Impatiens Walleriana 'Touch-me-not'. Pack of 10. A Summer-flowering annual, Impatiens blooms from early Summer to early Autumn. It prefers sun to partial shade and fertile, moist but not wet soil.