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Money, money, money - Pots of it!

money pot shoe fund

Some of our customers will just be returning from holiday and already planning their next one, some may be saving for a wedding, some might hanker after expensive shoes, our gentlemen customers perhaps dream of buying their dream car. Whatever your dreams are for, it can be very handy to have somewhere to put your hard-earned pennies to save up for it. So, we have just the thing for you - the money pots are back.

Similar to a piggy bank but with one major difference - you fill them up completely and then, when you're ready to 'harvest' your savings, you smash them! So, no raiding the savings for that one little extra that won't make any difference - it's all or nothing with these lovely pots. Take a look at the variety below and take a trip into the garden centre to see the whole range. Don't leave it too long - they're very popular!

money pot minion

Despicable Me Pot of Dreams Money Pot

Familiar with the Despicable Me films, who wouldn't be happy to have a Minion looking after their savings?

money pot car

Dream Car Money Pot

Ladies, Gentlemen, who is saving for a nice car? Perhaps you're saving for your first car - to you it's likely to be as important as saving for a Porsche, Jaguar, or a Lamborghini. This money pot is the one for you - remove temptation and put your pennies in here knowing that you'll have to smash it to get them back out again.

money pot best friend

Best Friend Money Pot

Do you have a special friend you'd really like to treat? Then this money pot is for you.

money pot pot of dreams

Beige & White Pot of Dreams Money Pot

Here's a money pot to help you save to realise all your dreams, however big or small.

money pot frozen

Frozen Pot of Dreams Money Pot

For fans of Frozen, or just sisters who'd like to treat each other, this money pot will help you save a tidy sum. If you save up together, you can enjoy the rewards together too! Maybe a Spa Day, a Weekend Away, a Shopping Trip - whatever takes your fancy.

money pot pot of dreams 2

Pretty White, Silver & Pink Pot of Dreams Money Pot

money pot shoe fund

Shoe Fund Money Pot

A savings pot for those mad about shoes! Perhaps you like expensive shoes, or maybe you just like a good shoe shopping trip where you can indulge your passion and come home with several pairs. Either way, the Shoe Fund money pot will have you on your way in no time.

money pot little princess pennies

Little Princess Pennies Money Pot

Teaching children to save is something many parents aim for. Here's a way you can save together for a longer period without the temptation of being able to take some back out before you've both reached your goal.

money pot shopping

Shopping Fund Money Pot

Like the Shoe Fund money pot, here's a little something to help you get together funds for a real 'all-out' shopping experience.

money pot wedding

Wedding Fund Money Pot

Saving for the Big Day is top of many couples' lists and this money pot will help you on your way.

money pots bottles

Special Occasions Money Pots in the Form of Bottles!

Whether you're saving for a son or daughter's 21st, for some Fine Wine, or for your Big Day, these lovely money pots in the shape of bottles are perfect.

money pots shelving better

Money Pots Display in Store

Come in and see the whole range of money pots at Parkhill. There's a wide range so you're bound to find one to suit your need. They make fantastic gifts for people - and you may even manage to help someone realise their dream.