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Lilies, Buddleia, Hydrangeas and more

IMG 1804 splash of colour

Continuing our accumulation of gems for your gardens, we have a selection of shrubs and flowers to delight you and the bees and butterflies

IMG 1782 schizanthus Atlantis mix cropped

These bedding plants are Schizanthus 'Atlantis' mix

IMG 1783 non stop begonia white cropped

Non-stop Begonias -White - and these will go with the Trailing Begonias in Apricot nicely

IMG 1784 trailing begonias cropped

Apricot Trailing Begonias

IMG 1788 more colour hydrangea

Hydrangeas come in a range of colours

IMG 1789 more colour hydrangea

As you can see, there are a variety of different colours available.

IMG 1797 buddleia dav

There are a range of Buddleia to choose from.

IMG 1793 buddleia dav Royal Red

We have a selection of Buddleia in different colours for you. This one is Buddleia Davidii 'Royal Red'. Buddleia are known for their attractiveness to butterflies but they are, in fact, popular with all pollinators.

IMG 1795 buddleia dav Empire Blue

Buddleia 'Empire Blue'

IMG 1796 buddleia dav White Profusion

Buddleia Davidii 'White Profusion'

IMG 1799 lilies lollypop

Lilium Lollypop has lush foliage and beautiful flowers to make a great centrepiece for any pot, planter or container

IMG 1801 lilies lilium classic joy

Lilium Classic Joy is a beautiful sunshine yellow

IMG 1802 lilies lilium buzzer

Lilium Buzzer

IMG 1803 lilies lilium 4 you

Lilium 4 You is a bright, attractive pot and patio Lily.

IMG 1804 splash of colour

There's nothing like Osteospermum to bring a real splash of colour

IMG 1805 splash of colour

IMG 1808 splash of colour