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Brighten Things Up Again with our Autumn Stock

Autumn Container Potted Up

Now that the Summer plants are beginning to look a bit leggy or have stopped flowering, it's a good time to consider your Autumn garden. Take a look at our new stock offering great Autumn colour and interest.

Short of time but need one or two attractive containers? Let our experienced, friendly staff help you. The container pictured above is a lovely example of what we can put together for you.

 Autumn Carnations Carnation Dianthus Caryophyllus Adorables

Dianthus Carnation Caryophyllus Adorables

Pretty little dwarf Carnations with bright colours and attractive foliage, they are ready for the garden or the container and will bring interest to your Autumn garden. Can also be kept indoors so you can enjoy its beauty even longer and bring it out again for next season when the frost is passed.

Autumn Pansies 3 Pansy Red Wing

Somewhat reminiscent of butterfly wings, Pansy Red Wing is a striking Winter Pansy

Winter Pansies are ideally suited to cheer up pots, containers, window boxes, but are also happy in a border. Developed to flower in the shorter days of Winter, tolerate the cold, wet and windy weather typical of the season (especially here in the North East of Scotland!) and to stay compact and not stretch out and flop over once milder weather arrives, the Winter Pansy and Viola are firm favourites to brighten up the darker, colder days.

Autumn Pansies 2 Pansy Midnight Glow

Pansy Midnight Blue

Autumn Pansies Pansy Yellow

Pansy Yellow

Autumn Pansies 5 Pansy White Blotch

Pansy White Blotch

Autumn Violas 2 Viola Blue

Viola Blue

With their smaller faces and more profuse flowering habit, Violas are an invaluable part of any garden. As with Pansies, they are suitable for tubs, containers, window boxes, and borders.

Autumn Violas Viola White

Viola White

Bulbs 2

Now is the time to shop for bulbs! New stock has arrived and is on display in the garden centre

Bulbs on Stand

A selection of the bulbs available



Great for naturalising under trees, on banks or in a shady border and a pretty colourful plant to combine with other early-flowerers such as Snowdrops, Winter Aconites and Primroses.

Rack of Autumn Stock

As you can see from the above photograph, there is lots to choose from. Pop into the garden centre soon and see what you can find to revitalise your garden.